Diagnosis fraud: NHS benchmarking report

NHS Fraud benchmarking report 2017

Our new report provides NHS organisations with a high-level overview on the fraud risks currently facing the healthcare sector.

Now in its third year, our report captures all the reactive fraud investigative work we have undertaken across our NHS client base and provides comparative data to help audit committees and management assess their counter fraud arrangements and benchmark themselves against their peers.

NHS Protect, soon to become NHS Counter Fraud Authority, reported that the total value of identified fraud in the NHS during 2015/2016 was £6.5m with ongoing investigations totalling an estimated value of £25m. The total amount ofactual fraud is however likely to be much more significant, as much remains unreported or undetected.

The NHS sector is under constant pressure to change and evolve and it’s more important than ever that providers and commissioners invest in an effective proactive counter fraud programme, to ensure that risks are minimised as far as possible.

We discuss the levels and types of investigations we have undertaken across our client base and highlight which frauds have increased and new and emerging risk areas.

We’ve seen an 18 per cent increase in the number of referrals relating to suspected fraud during 2016. While this can be interpreted in several ways, what is clear is that fraud remains a real issue and a significant risk for the NHS sector.

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