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After recovering well from the global economic crash, construction firms now face new uncertainties. Although the sector has so far shown resilience, economic jitters in the wake of the EU referendum could bring new headwinds that slow work pipelines.

Business models that used to work well will soon encounter challenges as shareholder pressures, ever-more demanding customers and increasing international competition lead to new tensions.

In an uncertain world, vigilance is key. The sector must be ready for challenges or face decline. To remain fit for the future, businesses need to innovate, streamline processes, harness technology and attract skilled workers. Strategies must adapt.

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Are construction firms too stubborn to innovate?

Are construction firms too stubborn to innovate?

If firms are to take advantage of new, more efficient ways of delivering assets, they must first improve their processes.

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Professional Services Seminar

Constructing an apprenticeship levy plan

The sector needs to find a long term solution for the lack of skilled labour. Will the newly introduced Apprenticeship Levy help solve this?

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Real estate and construction

Construction firms struggle to access finance in Ireland

Construction companies still find it very difficult to access funding to invest in their businesses or to help deliver viable housing and infrastructure projects.

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Strategy and growth: innovation matters

A culture of innovation helps businesses stand out from the crowd, improve productivity and find new routes to growth.

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Technology: the future is now

Technology is becoming more important throughout construction, but knowing how it should be applied is tough. 

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Process: end-to-end efficiencies

Businesses need to align and integrate end-to-end efficiencies to move forward.

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People: time for change

A sustainable supply of skilled workers is critical to the future competitiveness of firms and the wider industry. But there are significant growing pressures in the sector.

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Middle market video

Firing on all cylinders: powering middle market success

The UK middle market is home to some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting businesses. Growth prospects look bright, but firms must overcome a number of challenges if they are to maximise opportunities. Here we delve into the biggest issues and provide practical solutions that ensure middle market firms always stay one step ahead.

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