Charity matters 2021


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We are delighted to share our leading insights on coronavirus and post-pandemic issues within the charity sector. Articles within our second edition include:

Fundraising and ensuring ongoing compliance with CC20 
The sector has seen a wide range of challenges in relation to fundraising over the last few months. Traditional fundraising streams have been affected and often decimated by the impact of the coronavirus at a time when there are significant cost pressures. 

Understanding how to use your reserves in a pandemic 
The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has left much of the economy facing financial difficulties, and charities are no exception, with an unprecedented level of funding estimated to be lost for the sector. We look at how charities are being forced to revisit financial plans, and the management of reserves. 

Bidding and applying for funding – putting your best foot forward 
The charity sector is one that has suffered considerably through the current coronavirus pandemic. Challenges have included closures of charity shops, loss of staff, reduction in funding and less access to the beneficiaries they are working to assist. Applying for funding and bidding for aid will therefore be even more critical as we continue move out of lockdown and into a new normal. Competition will be greater, and it is likely that funding could have been repurposed for other causes. We have outlined some key steps and considerations for charities to note when they are approaching the application process.

The new board agenda: How charities can better manage their contingency risks  
Much has been spoken and written about coronavirus, and as a result primary risk focus has been on crisis management and business continuity planning. In this article we are going to explore other contingency type risks that may sit outside of the traditional business continuity threat analysis and examine how you and your charity can manage these types of risks more effectively. 

How to run your charity post pandemic 
The coronavirus pandemic changed the world at an alarming rate. In the UK, many charities have been able to demonstrate the critical role they play in society. But in any downturn only the stronger and more agile organisations survive, and then thrive.

Tips for managing risk during and post coronavirus  
We have been having conversations with many charities recently about coronavirus and its implications from a risk management perspective. This article explores some tips to help charities with their risk management thinking as we head into the ‘new normal’.

The Governance Code
In 2019, RSM published Decoding the Charity Governance Code, which presented research showing the adoption and relative application of the new Charity Governance Code for larger charities. The Code was published in July 2017, and in December 2020 it was updated to include a new principle on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We look at what the update means, and our key findings of 2020. 

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