Charity Matters 2020

Charity Matters

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We are delighted to share our leading insights into the charity sector with you and trust you will find the articles useful and interesting. Articles within our first edition include:

  • How to protect against the changing state of fraud
    A recent study conducted by a prestigious university found that consequential costs of fraud are greater in the charity sector than any others and can be as much as 1,602 per cent of the financial loss incurred. Are you taking the right steps to ensure that you have robust procedures in place to minimise the risk of fraud?
  • Managing international funding and development risk
    Making sure money and aid is being used as and where it is intended has never been more important. We highlight the key ways to ensure that your supply chain is up to the highest standards.
  • GDPR – into the second year
    GDPR has been in place for 18 months now; what are the lessons we have learned so far and what has proven to be the best way of ensuring compliance with the regulations?
  • Changes to Trustee expenses – what does this mean?
    How do the recent changes imposed by HMRC on claiming expenses impact your charity?

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