Capital allowances case studies

Significant savings can be made on all types of developments; from complex, eco-conscious new builds, to simple shop fit-outs for a chain of retail outlets. With the right advice and by involving experts at the planning stage, capital allowance claims can be far higher than firms originally expect.

Here’s how we have recently helped some clients with their capital allowances claims.

King-size tax savings for Manchester Aparthotel

07 September 2017

Manchester based property developer saved over £120,000 of tax through expenditure eligible for capital allowances acquiring 6-story apart hotel.

Bells are ringing in the wedding venue

07 September 2017

Property purchased from a non-tax paying entity, makes huge savings going forward.

Well-heeled shop fit out

07 September 2017

Regular shopfront updates has saved shoe brand a significant proportion of capital allowances throughout the UK.

Unexpected haul with port development

07 September 2017

A lack of physical buildings didn’t get in the way of identifying more capital allowances expenditure in Lerwicks recent port developments than first expected.