Brexit: what you need to know

The UK is in an unprecedented position – no other member state has left the EU before. Discover more about the Brexit process and key government announcements. 

Further Brexit commentary

Planning for Brexit: indirect tax
One important part of the UK’s Brexit negotiations will be dealing with indirect tax.
Apple’s discomfort no cause for concern in the UK middle market
The US-China trade spat may have called a temporary truce but tariffs could soon be back on the agenda. What does this mean for the tech industry?
Act now or risk being unable to trade within the EU, HMRC warns
HMRC has recently written to 145,000 VAT-registered businesses across the UK setting out the steps that need to be taken to prepare for a no-deal scenario. The message is stark – act now or risk being unable to trade with the EU.
ABTA's Travel Package Regulations Conference
The conference held by ABTA regarding the new Package Travel Regulations introduced in May 2018 highlighted new definitions of the package and its impact on businesses such as legal regulations and Brexit’s effects on terms and conditions.
Businesses less confident about getting a ‘good deal’
RSM’s Brexit Monitor shows that since March there has been a steady decline in businesses’ confidence that the government will reach a ‘good deal’ with Brussels.
Withholding taxes on interest and royalties post-Brexit
The tax treatment of intra-group interest and royalties payments between UK and EU companies may be impacted by the UK leaving the EU.
A view from across the pond
Simon Hart, lead Brexit partner at RSM, considers the view on Brexit in the United States.
The only certainty is uncertainty
Taxpayers have recently been dogged by uncertainty in tax legislation. The latest example relates to the overseas transfer charge (OTC) which applies where UK pensions savings are transferred to a qualifying overseas pension plan (QROPS).
TOMS in a post-Brexit world
With many tour operators unsure about how Brexit will affect the Tour Operator Margin Scheme (TOMS), and guidance from HMRC leaving the matter unclear, a couple of recent cases highlight areas that may have potential implications.
Employment law update – what’s on the horizon?
Here is an overview of some of the employment law changes that you can expect over the next six months.
Employment law predictions for 2019
As 2018 ends, we take a look some of the key issues employers will be facing in 2019.

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