People and talent management

Businesses should be thinking about how they will continue to recruit and retain the right people to ensure business continuity and make the most of the opportunities that Brexit presents.

How will you make sure you have the workforce you need post-Brexit?

People and talent management considerations beyond Brexit

How will you recruit the workforce you need?

Workforce recruitment - Consider gathering business insights into how to effectively recruit the right talent for your business, where support from HR employer services, HR processes and systems might be of use. 

How will you retain the right workforce?

Workforce retention - To help your business retain talent, consider a review of your existing employment contracts, policies and procedures, workforce restructuring and share schemes. We can also advise and negotiate updates or amends to existing contracts with current employees. 

Do you need additional resources to support your plans?

Outsourcing - Ensuring business continuity may mean you need to redeploy resources and look externally for support with day-to-day business functions. Outsourcing options customised to your business requirement are available - including support with HR and employment, VAT returns and management accounts. 

How have we helped our clients?

  • People planning - We are working with a global distributor, creating and delivering a strategic people plan that aligns all countries with similar goals and objectives. One aspect of the work involves the development of a clear performance management system, that enables the organisation to develop the best people into key strategic positions. This will help the client to achieve its wider business goals and ambitions, whilst also engaging and retaining top talent. 
  • Recruitment processes – We undertook an advisory review for a housing business, looking specifically at the process of recruitment at Board. The objective of the review was to ensure that there were effective arrangements in place to secure appropriately skilled board members, to assist in the delivery of the organisation’s corporate objectives. This included reviewing the clarity and definition of key roles, the process for finding candidates, screening / selection and the orientation and continuous development of Board members.
  • Talent & succession planning - We conducted a review of the processes in place for a housing business, around Executive and Key Person succession planning. The purpose of the review was to ensure that there was a robustly detailed and transparent plan in place and that any gaps identified were being appropriately actioned. This involved the review of documentation and processes in place and an analysis to see how well these had been embedded. It also involved recommendations around communication, transparency, development plans, coaching and secondments.
  • Performance management – Helping a legal client to develop a Competency Framework. This involved working with Senior Stakeholders and a range of fee earners, leading workshops and focus groups to develop a set of competencies which were derived from consultation with staff and aligned to the values, behaviours and strategic objectives of the firm. A key motivation was to ensure there was clarity on how individuals could move through the firm in terms of promotion and expectations at each grade.
  • Performance management training – A growing independent, global music company wished for employees to own the impact of their personal performance on the wider business, using performance reviews as a conduit. We delivered a half-day appraisal training for all managers then ran some facilitated workshops for the senior management team, rolled out to all managers, to explore what performance looks like in the organisation and how this gets translated into performance related conversations.

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74 per cent of mid-market businesses are finding it difficult to retain talent in a post-Brexit environment.