Benchmarking reactive fraud referrals across the NHS

RSM works extensively across the NHS and delivers counter fraud services to over 80 clients nationally as the Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFS).

In our 2015 benchmarking summary we outline a number of fraud related issues captured through our case management system. Our new findings and comparisons against last years are interesting, exposing where fraud has increased or remained static, as well as the emergence of new types of fraud risk.

Fraud costs, and the ability for the NHS to assign finances to the core function of providing first class patient care must be a primary focus. Difficult decisions regarding the use of resources take place daily. Losses to fraud will be reduced by a targeted risk based resource, underpinned by specialists to take on effective work in areas where risks are most prevalent. 

Based on our figures, fraud in the NHS has increased by 17 per cent since last year. Does this mean there is an increase in fraud or has there been an uplift in the number of reported instances of fraud? 

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