Academies back to school report | Autumn 2017

In this edition, we look at implementing social media policies, employee benefits, how the new data protection legislation will affect enrolment and much more.

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General Data Protection Regulation - are you prepared?

04 September 2017

Academies urged to prepare as failure to comply with the new rules could result in significant penalties and reputational damage.

Implementing social media policies in academies

04 September 2017

The fundamental question a teacher should ask themselves before posting online is: how could this action endanger the safety of students, other teachers and themselves?

The academy dilemma - how safe are your people?

04 September 2017

How does your board ensure that your students remain satisfied? And your reputation intact?

Utilising employee benefits to attract and retain staff

04 September 2017

The introduction of a beneficial employee benefits package in addition to standard salary is one of the most effective recruitment and retention tactics. What employee benefits does your academy offer?