Academies back to school report April 2017

Welcome to our academies back to school report.

In this edition we look at the implementing good governance and financial management, working with related parties, preparing your academy for the new off-payroll rules and much more.

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Good governance and financial management

26 April 2017

Ensuring good governance and financial management prevails within an academy setting is crucial. How often does your academy check compliance with the academies financial handbook?

Working with related parties

26 April 2017

The academies financial handbook guidance on working with related parties is confusing and complex, so what does your academy trust need to think about?

Will academies be ready for the new intermediaries legislation?

26 April 2017

The new off-payroll rules comes with increased scrutiny from HMRC, in which failure to comply can result in huge penalties and additional tax settlements.

The role of audit and finance committees in academies

26 April 2017

How can academies make sure their audit and finance committees are fit for purpose and contribute to good governance?

Environmental risks and liabilities

26 April 2017

Is your academy confident that its environmental risks are being managed effectively?