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Taking the leap: Preparing for exit
Start date: 6.00pm - 14 June 2018
End date: 8.30pm - 14 June 2018

Tech Entrepreneurs can have a wide variety of motivations for exiting their business, ranging from a lifestyle change to chasing the next big thing. Whatever the reason for selling, every owner should plan by making sure the exit strategy is part of the agenda from the start.

Managing staff and reputational risk
Start date: 8.30am - 19 June 2018
End date: 11.30am - 19 June 2018

Staff risks are amplified when working with volunteers or vulnerable people – and so is the impact of reputational damage when relying on public funding or indeed relying on public giving. Join us for the morning at our managing staff and reputational risk event to hear more on these issues and gain insight into steps you can take to mitigate staff and reputational risks.

Automotive technical update seminar
Start date: 10.30am - 26 June 2018
End date: 3.30pm - 26 June 2018

Join us at our automotive technical update seminar, taking place across three RSM office locations in June 2018.

Implementation horrors and how you deal with them
Start date: 4.30pm - 27 June 2018
End date: 6.00pm - 27 June 2018

There are many challenges that face trustees, from the creation of a structure through to the changes in a family’s fortunes, both financially and emotionally. Join us on Wednesday, 27 June, as we take you through issues faced by the mythical Adams family, who have a seemingly idyllic lifestyle but their public façade hides many dark secrets.

Proactive managers - the solution to address equality and diversity in the workplace
Start date: 8.00am - 10 October 2018
End date: 10.30am - 10 October 2018

RSM would like to invite you to attend a HR training session designed to identify the challenges created by staff acting inappropriately in the workplace and to suggest ways to equip managers with the skills needed to develop and support an inclusive working environment.