What is Dividend Watch?

Our Dividend Watch service will help you maximise insolvency dividends and minimise the operational impact of insolvency claims, turning unpaid bad debts into predictable revenue.

Better claim management, higher insolvency dividends

Long claim periods can exacerbate the financial impact of unpaid bad debts on your business. Your productivity can also suffer while you deal with the administrative issues associated with a claim. Added to this, some Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) work on time-based fees, which will eat into the settlement you eventually receive. Only effective claim management can ensure the highest possible final dividends - with the smallest operational impact.

Predictable revenue

Dividend Watch can transform the insolvency dividends from unpaid bad debts into a predictable revenue stream. Careful claim management works hand in hand with a sophisticated and bespoke online system. That means unparalleled management information and constant insolvency claims monitoring and control.

Best value

Because our own fees are carefully monitored - we seek to impose the same careful process on appointed IPs too - you'll see lower costs and higher insolvency dividends. Dividend Watch offers you exemplary insolvency claim management, all the way from the lodging of claims through to the final dividend

  • Higher claim success rates
  • Better control of IPs
  • Capped fees (no-win-no-fee)
  • All correspondence included
  • Real-time and detailed online reporting
  • Meaningful cash flow projections

Start now

Register your first claim with us, or get in touch if you would like to know more. Remember, there is no cost for failed claims and all admin is handled by RSM, including burdensome proof of debt forms. To arrange your own demonstration of Dividend Watch, call us on +44 (0)20 7448 8111 or email Robert Beat.

No win, no fee

We handle the whole claim on your behalf, dramatically cutting admin and transforming dividend payouts.

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