How does it work?

We can handle every step of the claims management process on your behalf, and you'll only pay when we're successful. Find out more about how our Dividend Watch service works.

In all too many cases, the first you hear about the insolvency of a debtor is from the Insolvency Practitioner (IP) acting on the company's behalf. We can set up alerts for your key customers and suppliers so you are warned without delay if they become insolvent, and you can act quickly to ensure you're not missed off the list of creditors.

Lodging your claim

Lodging your claim is the first step. The Dividend Watch website makes it quick and easy for you to input the basic details, which will be the final task you'll face. For most clients, that's where we take over although in fact you can avoid data input altogether if you prefer. Some clients choose to pass insolvency notices straight to us so we can handle all administration.

Proof of debt

Once your claim is lodged, we complete and process all of your paperwork for you. This includes the completion of your proof of debt and confirmation that your claim has been admitted.

Ongoing management

In normal circumstances, the appointed IP would be unlikely to contact you for at least a year, but we stay far more actively involved. First of all, we try to make sure the IP is charging a capped fee, in order to maximise any returns. Then we ask for regular progress reports, updating you each month on any changes.

Bespoke reporting

Together we can agree on any detailed or frequent bespoke reports you'd like to receive. You'll be able to identify those cases with no chance of success, which you can therefore justifiably write off.

Remember that we make no charge for unsuccessful cases.

Wider business decisions are easier too, thanks to firm statistics on each type of insolvency as well as estimated dividend returns and anticipated payment dates.

Any claim size

Our service can cope with:

  • a single claim
  • many thousands of claims
  • late claims
  • the pursuit of lost (written-off/forgotten) income

Eventual dividend payments, when they come, can be paid to us (using a trust account) or directly to you. At each month end we will invoice you - only on the successful recoveries made on your behalf.

Lodge your first claim or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.