What do our school leaver apprentices say?

Find out what our school leaver apprentices are saying about working at RSM, and if it aligns to what you want from an apprentice scheme. 

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'The program is well structured as within the first week you have internal training which gives you insight into the basics of accounting as well as the work you’ll be completing in the next couple of weeks. You also start college very quickly to gain further insight. Your calendar is set out for 6 months as soon as you arrive.' 
Audit Assistant, London

'The work is challenging which is good because you gain a sense of fruition once an audit is finished. The team is always there to help and you can ask anyone for guidance when you are unsure. It's been a positive experience as you are surrounded by people who want you to achieve brilliant things.'
Audit Assistant, Chester

'I feel very valued by RSM as a result of them putting their faith in me coming from a background where I had no prior experience before joining the firm. It allows me to settle in well to the job and the people around me too, as I already feel like a part of the team and the work I do mimics as such.'
Assistant, Preston

'I very much enjoy my programme at the moment. I'm in a great environment for learning as things I learn at college I can apply at work and vice-versa. Everyone is very helpful and supportive around me as well which is very important to my progression. The programme has exceeded my expectations so far in terms of responsibility handed to me, learning and progression.'
Accounting Assistant, Hull

'I feel like a part of the team - as you start work you get thrown in to interacting with clients etc and are on a level playing field with everyone else. Everyone has a job to complete so everyone is dependant on everyone else so you do feel like an integral part of RSM and therefore do feel valued.'
Audit Assistant, Chester

'There are a range of events that the company will try to involve you in, as well as a number of leisure and social events between members of staff. These are great fun and a good way to get to know people.'
Outsourcing Assistant, Chelmsford

'I really enjoy my programme and have made a good choice- it is better than I expected. I felt very welcome when joining the team and everyone was a great help in ensuring I seamlessly fit in to the team- there was always someone available and willing if I had a question whether it was technical or not. As soon as I joined the firm I was given a buddy from the team- this was someone who I went for a coffee with every few weeks- this person was great at ensuring I was fitting in and was there to speak to about concerns I have.'
Corporate Tax Assistant, Guildford