Working in employer solutions at RSM

Every day is varied, and you never know what’s coming your way! It keeps us on our toes and challenged…. in a good way. We are always learning and tax never stays the same for long!

Dmitri – Assistant (2 months)
School leaver – on one-year placement

'My experience so far: Everyone has been supportive and helpful. I have already been involved in a range of work including tax return preparation, PAYE Settlement Agreement computations, employment tax due diligence work and some small advisory projects.'

Suzanne – Associate (4 years)
Specialising in UK tax liabilities for international assignees, including modified payroll and tax return preparation.

'I enjoy dealing directly with company contacts for our modified payroll clients and talking directly with assignees (when preparing their tax returns). I enjoy the camaraderie of our team.'

Josh – Associate (4 years)
Following training in all areas of ES work, now specialising in share scheme advice and implementation.

'I work to implement share incentives to help companies reward and retain staff. I find this fulfilling as I am helping the business grow and give the employees some value in the business. 

In our team we have the ability to advise on multiple angles, reward strategies, UK employment tax and international tax compliance. 

There is a good mix of compliance and advisory work.'

Louise – Associate
About to move from private client team to employer solutions

'I am looking forward to getting involved with the 'other side’ of tax, assisting employers to design and implement tax efficient share schemes and dealing with employer compliance matters. 

I still get to keep my hand in with tax return work too as I can get involved in tax compliance for international assignees.'

Jessica – Manager (5 years)
Specialising in UK employment tax

'I moved to the team from an administrative role and have had excellent support with my training and development. I really enjoy the interaction with the finance and human resources contacts of our clients. The role of our team is really about helping companies to have a reward and remuneration package that is right for their business, and that works with all the tax rules! 

In the last year, I have been involved in face to face meetings with HMRC, on site client visits, presentations in other RSM offices and at a Chartered Institute of Tax branch meeting, to name only a few highlights.'