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We help organisations and individuals comply with the shifting requirements of the tax authorities and pay the right amount of tax so they avoid criminal convictions, hefty fines and damage to their reputations. We shape business strategies so organisations can legally reduce the amount of tax they pay. We also help individuals with a range of issues, including planning for the future and business structuring. 

At RSM, you can choose which professional qualification route you take. While the traditional ATT to CTA and ACA to CTA routes remain available, there are now new options available to streamline your studies, which may be suitable for you and your RSM office. We’ll be here to help guide these decisions. 

Video transcript

I would say that if anyone is thinking of pursuing a career in the accountancy profession, then tax is a great place to start. And to do that at RSM is even better! 

I say that because we really do focus on the continuing development of all of the people who work within our tax business. Not just in terms of technical skills (including exam training), but also in developing those really important personal skills that will be crucial in helping us serve our clients, and to win new business in the future. 

Look at our current vacancies