External audit

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Our team takes an in-depth look at a company’s financial statements to check whether they provide a fair and accurate reflection of the company’s performance. The badge of approval that an external audit provides plays an important role in the business world - it gives confidence to shareholders and helps people decide whether to invest in a company.

With us, you’ll have the opportunity to work towards the AAT, ACA or CA qualifications. We help our trainees choose the most appropriate path for them. The key for us is to allow our people to be the best they can be regardless of route. 

Video transcript

Audit, as a service line, provides a great opportunity to really understand how businesses operate, how they solve the challenges that they have, and how they become world class. 

A career here in RSM in audit really starts from day one – responsibility from day one, working directly with a whole range of clients in your first six months, really embedding that experience straight away at the start. 

Look at our current vacancies