Technology and management consulting

Our technology and management consulting team provide practical support that businesses need to select and implement the right IT solutions. We specialise in managing the IT challenges faced by growing businesses and changing organisations.


Video transcript

It’s really exciting to be leading RSM’s technology consulting services at this moment in time – there’s so much interest in the market relating to digital and IT consulting services. All clients in all sectors need to sort out their digital and IT strategies – and they need help doing that. 

The services that we provide in RSM’s technology consulting team are focused on the SME market, and the larger end of the mid-market as well. RSM’s technology consulting team works with clients across all sectors and of all sizes. The reasons they end up choosing us to provide technology consulting services really revolve around our technical specialisms, our partnerships with software vendors, knowing the product roadmaps is essential these days, but also our collaborative ways of working. We’ve won a number of projects where the client has chosen us because of the nature of our team, our values, and also the fact that we plug into a much wider RSM International network – able to draw upon skills in a number of different countries around the world. 

I think the technology consulting team could grow and expand in a couple of different ways. Firstly, we really want to deepen the existing services that we offer. We want to provide IT strategy, digital transformation, and ERP implementation services to more and more of our client base. Secondly, the nature of the digital challenges that our clients are facing is increasing all the time. We want to be able to add a deep analytics practice to our services, we want to be able to start to advise and deliver services around robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, for example. All of these things are going to be of great interest to our clients across all sectors in the coming years, and RSM needs to be in a position to be able to advise and implement those technologies for our clients. 

I find it incredibly exciting to be involved in technology consulting services at RSM. I think we’ve got a unique opportunity to help clients in the middle market and amongst the SME community to really solve their digital challenges. IT is so fundamental to business growth and internal operations these days, and the fact that we work across all sectors with such a range of technologies means that it’s an incredibly exciting team to be involved in. We’re starting to hire people from industry and from competitors, who are coming to us because we offer something unique. I really believe that if we continue to grow this service line, then really there’s unlimited opportunities for us out there.