Our tax service covers five key areas: corporate tax, indirect tax, employer solutions, private clients and tax risk. The service line has grown significantly in recent years, but we’re not finished yet.

Video transcript

At RSM, our tax business focusses on helping our clients manage their tax cost, comply with their legal obligations, and helping them deal with the tax authorities. 

Our tax business is divided into five areas. Our corporate tax, VAT, and employer solutions businesses help our corporate clients manage their tax affairs and comply with their legal obligations. Our private client business helps our business owners and individuals do similar things. And finally, our tax risk business helps our clients manage their relationships with the tax authorities, and helps them when they come under scrutiny. 

Our tax business is the largest service line within the firm, with over 700 people working within it. The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly - tax is now on the front page of the newspapers. But not just that, the whole economic environment, the impact of Brexit, is going to change the way we work with our clients significantly over the next few years. And of course, the impact of technology is going to change the way we work both internally and with our clients in a significant way over the next five to ten years. 

Within our tax business, we are absolutely committed to the personal development of everybody who works within it. Not just in terms of acquiring new technical skills, but also those really important personal skills. Because of the rapidly changing environment in which we operate, there is a great opportunity to work in different areas, and everybody has the opportunity to progress. 

We have recruited some really great people over the last few years and I have personally been involved in the appointment of many of them. They have brought new, specialist skills to the firm that we never had before. Our tax business has never been in better shape and therefore anybody who is interested in furthering their career should contact us