Restructuring advisory

Restructuring advisory is a varied and progressive area to work in at RSM. We are always looking to develop innovative solutions and products for our clients.


Video transcript

RSM Restructuring Advisory is a national service line, which aims to help it’s clients – both corporate and personal – avoid and survive financial adversity or uncertainty, as well as helping stakeholders protect their value and realise it should they wish to do so. 

Most of our work comes from intermediaries – be it bankers, accountants, solicitors, asset based lenders and the like.  As well as doing corporate reconstruction such as administration and liquidation, we do a lot of advisory work such as debt advisory, raising additional finance, accelerated disposals, pension advisory work and the like. The benefit for clients can be quite significant, we’re obviously trying to save them the trouble of facing that adversity, save their businesses, save their jobs, and protect our clients and the stakeholders’ interests. 

Our restructuring advisory teams are always trying to develop new, innovative and value-added products for our clients which gives lots of opportunities for people to get involved in developing, marketing and driving those initiatives – be it our new debt advisory offering to raise funds such as peer-to-peer lenders, or the launch of our new software, Tracker, which helps clients monitor and has an early warning system for them. 

I enjoy the restructuring advisory work as it gives me a real chance to make a change, both in terms of helping to save businesses and the jobs that go with that. But it’s also the day-to-day challenge in how varied it is – from raising new money on a start-up potentially through asset based lending and the banking offering we have, to helping to rescues the jobs in administration or liquidation, it will change every single day.