The UK and international outsourcing business is at an exciting stage of development. We are looking to grow a team of people who have the vision and appetite to develop our processes, technologies and tools.


Video transcript

Outsourcing at RSM, in its narrowest form, is where we run the finance function of an organisation. We pay their suppliers, we produce accounts for the organisation. Then on top of that we can layer in payroll advice (paying their employees), we can layer in company secretarial, we can produce their tax returns. If we take that a step further and expand it internationally, we can provide those same services to the client on a global basis through our RSM network, and then have that project managed through a central hub in Milton Keynes.

The benefit to the client is that we become an entrenched part of their organisation. We bring our skills to bear in delivering these services, we bring value add to them, and internationally we become that client’s eyes and ears around the world.

I think the exciting part of where we are now in outsourcing is that we are at the beginning of a journey – both in the context of UK outsourcing, as well as that international offering covering the entire RSM network. What we’re looking for is to grow a team of people who are innovative - looking to develop our processes, our technologies, and our tools so that we become the leading provider to the mid-market.

Although outsourcing in its narrowest term really focuses around accounting, I would say that I really enjoy it because my day job covers so much more than that. I’m involved with payroll, with consulting, with company secretarial work, with tax. I also take that on to an international dimension, so I could be dealing with 25 or 30 countries in one go on a particular engagement. It’s that variety that I enjoy.