Corporate finance

Over the past two years we’ve made a lot of changes to our corporate finance service. We’re now in the best possible position to drive more growth.  


Video transcript

Corporate finance at RSM is supporting our clients through (potentially from a business sense and from a personal sense) life-changing transactions – so that could be acquiring another business, it could be selling their life’s work - selling their business, it could be raising capital to grow, it could be going on the public market, listing on the public markets. Our job is to make those deals happen, and in the process we take our clients from one place to another, and sometimes we realise life-changing amounts of money for them and their families. 

I think there are some terrifically exciting things on the horizon. Corporate finance became a national line of business a couple of years ago, and that’s allowed us to have a much better consistency of product, a better quality of product, and we’ve changed the perceptions of RSM corporate finance in the market. That has grown turnover, it’s grown profits and it’s allowed us to bring new people into the business and to create career paths for those people. Really the way we’ve changed those perceptions is charging proper fees for what we do, putting some terrific material in front of people, showing them the credentials and experience that we’ve got. We’re in now a virtuous circle of improving perception and therefore improving business. 

I love working in corporate finance at RSM, I think it’s amazingly rewarding to take a client through to the end of a transaction. Yes it’s financially rewarding, but also you’re helping them do something that they can’t do by themselves - and typically the people we are acting for are amazingly talented, they’re terrific at what they do, they have created something special, but they don’t really know how to take it through this process and that’s why they value what we do, they appreciate it and it’s great to be appreciated, so I love it!