Consulting is a fast-growing area at RSM. The team works closely with colleagues across the UK network and, increasingly, internationally. 


Video transcript

Consulting at RSM is all about us working with our clients to help them through change projects and to help them realise value in their organisations. That cuts across a number of areas of the business - almost all the areas of the business actually - from the finance teams, to operational processes, to the risk management functions in the organisation, to the technology, and generally to any program in the organisation that involves change to the business. 

In terms of the benefits that consulting adds to our clients, those include driving increased productivity in the business, improving the decision-making processes, helping them manage their risks more effectively, and basically helping them enable change in the business and realise value. 

In terms of exciting things that are going on in consulting at the moment, I'm biased but I would argue that everything about consulting is exciting at the moment! We're a fairly new service line, we're growing very quickly and we're bringing some fantastic people into the business to compliment the quality we already have. One thing that particularly excites me is the international dimension - since we joined RSM International the amount of work we're doing internationally with colleagues in other RSM firms has just risen exponentially. But, of course, we need to not just be delivering projects with these firms, we need to get to the point where we're actually jointly targeting new clients for the network with these firms because we now have the power, the methodologies and the ways to do that. We've also done some secondments in the last year with our US firm in consulting which has just been fantastic, I'm sure we've added value to the US firm and having the US guys over here has been brilliant as well so lots more of that is really exciting. 

I enjoy being part of consulting because it's a new and growing part of the wider RSM firm, and I know that while we are growing (and growing quickly), we're really still only scratching the surface of the opportunity that we have. The opportunities are enormous for consulting - and indeed for the broader firm - and if we can work more closely together with other colleagues from other service lines, both in the UK and internationally, we're only going to continue to grow (and grow profitably).