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vCISO services: Outsourced cyber security and risk expertise when you need it most

Delivered by one of the UK's leading advisory firms, our virtual chief information security officer services offer trusted advisors to help manage your unique cyber security risks

A flexible and cost-effective solution that supports your organisation’s cyber security programme

By helping to develop, refine and manage your cyber risk security programme, our virtual chief information security officer service ensures your business receives consistent support, for optimum security. Our highly qualified technology experts will work with you to develop and manage a security programme that aligns with your organisational objectives - and one which extends beyond the typical scope of a CISO.

Our tailored vCISO service offering

As your vCISO, we can cover all areas of your information security at a considerably lower cost than building your own internal resource. Our expertise ranges from planning and budgeting to tracking emerging threats and communicating your strategy and progress to the Board. We ultimately help ensure that your business gets consistent results so it can achieve the best security. Our vCISO will help:
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Benchmark your processes

Our industry expertise and experience enables us to benchmark your processes against current regulations and best practice
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Perform risk assessments

Our cyber security specialists can perform extensive security tests, and risk assess your current systems and processes
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Deploy strategies to manage risk

We can provide strategies that will mange (accept, reduce and transfer) your risks
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Implement technical solutions

Our highly experienced technology team can implement technical solutions that meet your specific security requirements
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Develop your cyber risk policies

We understand that people are a critical aspect of any good cyber security strategy, therefore we are able to help develop your policies and procedures
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Design strategic improvements

Our dedicated cyber security team can advise on improvements right across your organisation - including your people, processes and technology

Why choose RSM as your vCISO provider?

RSM are a leading provider of IT Audit, advisory and consultancy services in the UK. Our Technology and Cyber Risk Assurance practice provides assurance that technology, change, and data risks are managed and help you convert risk into competitive advantage.
100+ highly qualified consultants, IT and cyber security specialists and investigators
100+ technology and cyber risk assurance clients across a diverse range of sectors
Significant providers of specialist assurance services with over 200 specialist internal auditors
32 offices across the UK, backed by a global network of RSM firms enabling us to bring a plethora of insights and experience providing additional levels of value as part of our service

Our cyber security experts will work with you to bring your information security in line with your business strategy. That means optimising your resources, addressing your unique risks and supporting your objectives.

What are the key benefits of having a vCISO?

As the business landscape changes, so does the cyber threat landscape. The necessity of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) that can continuously manage threats has never been greater. Our vCISO services provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative outsourced solution to hiring your own CISO.
  • On demand expertise
  • Highly qualified teams
  • Cross industry expertise
  • Our technology risk practice

On demand expertise

Through using our vCISO service, you’ll have instant access to a trusted cyber security advisor whenever needed to act as a sounding board – especially useful at key pressure points during your business cycle.

As security incidents can quickly escalate, being able to make rapid decisions is essential. Our vCISO provides the necessary expertise to assess the situation promptly, recommend appropriate actions, and provide guidance on mitigating and responding to the threat effectively. 

Highly qualified teams

Our market leading certifications

To ensure our advisory services are delivering a premium service to our clients, we hold market leading certifications for IT Audit (CISA, QiCA, CISSP, CEH, CPT), Information Technology (ITIL, CCNA, CCNP, MSCE, MSDN) and general accounting and internal audit (ACA, IIA).

With trust and confidence from the start, we can provide you with specialist teams that can help you navigate the most complex digital challenges and opportunities. 

Cross industry expertise

Dedicated industry specialists

Given our size and scale, we have experience across many different industries. Our clients benefit from our breadth of knowledge as we tailor solutions to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by different sectors.

Our industry specific teams ensure sector knowledge and expertise is spread across our business and our experience ensures our clients receive solutions that are precise, relevant, and effective in helping them achieve their objectives. 

Our technology risk practice

Helping you navigate the most complex digital challenges and opportunities

We have over 100 Technology and Cyber Risk and Advisory staff to draw upon to help provide assurance that your risks associated with areas such as cyber and information security, change programmes and transformations, third party and cloud, operational resilience, IT controls and compliance, and emerging technology are effectively managed.


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