April Warrier

Written by: April Warrier

April Warrier

Audit Supervisor

Travelling the world with RSM

Name: April Warrier
Job title: Audit Supervisor
Office: London
Joining date: 14 July 2014
Team: Audit

Summary of role 

I am an audit supervisor in the London office. My current role involves planning the audit with the manager and partner and then leading the onsite audit team, as well as being the key point of contact for the client throughout the audit. 

My responsibilities include project management and organisation to ensure all members of the team are assigned work appropriate to their level, as well as providing them with more challenging work to help with their individual development. 

I am also required to understand and apply regulatory frameworks including FRS 102 and IFRS. I attend regular internal training updates and use knowledge from my ACA to apply these to audits. 

I enjoy the variety that audit brings because it means that I regularly visit different client offices This has included trips abroad to Amsterdam and Ohio which was hard work, but also great fun.  

What’s been the highlight so far?

My biggest highlight has been the travel my role offers me. I have been lucky enough to visit Amsterdam twice, the latest being June 2018, where I had 2 weeks in the country. 

I was able to explore the city in the evenings and relished the opportunity to see as much as I could on the weekends!

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

The most challenging step has been revising for my ACA exams, while working full time. At first, juggling both was daunting, especially as the exams got harder. However, RSM provided great support and expectations of me became realistic as others understood I was revising in the evenings. Luckily you also have your intake group going through the same thing and my peers were helpful in teaching me areas I didn’t understand and I was able to return the favour for those areas where I found my strengths. It all became manageable in the end! 

What’s surprised you most about working at RSM?

Like many others, when starting your first job, you may have an idea that a professional working environment is a boring environment - especially when we include laptops and office desks in the mix.

However, RSM surprised me in having a fantastic work-life balance and social scene. There are currently netball, cricket, football, hockey and squash teams to be involved in which bring together staff from a variety of levels. We have ad-hoc socials,  along with an annual all office sports day which a great way is to see your colleagues in a different environment.

There are always office drinks happening on Fridays along with regular group activities. This has always been a good way to keep motivation high around the office.

I have made friends for life through RSM and hope to continue to be surprised by the fun it can offer!

What’s next for you at RSM? 

I am happy to say I work for a firm where progression is about you as a person. 

I have recently secured a secondment to Melbourne, Australia for 3 months which will further my passion to see the world! 

It will provide a unique opportunity to further develop my technical skills, gain work experience in a different market, and expand my client base internationally.

In terms of personal development, it excites me that I will be able to meet new people as well as have an opportunity to have exposure to a different city and culture, as living and working in a different country for a prolonged period is something I have not had the opportunity to do before.

Being career driven, I hope to progress within RSM to a manager role and hope the secondment programme will be invaluable to my success in achieving this career milestone. I am being supported in my progression through our internal managerial transition programme and hope to continue to be successful in in my journey.

What’s your top tip for someone looking to apply to RSM? 

My top tip would be always be yourself.  Looking around at those I work with, everyone is unique, uplifting and each has their own strengths and their own take on audits, life and opportunities. I feel this not only makes RSM a fantastic, diverse place to work but also reinforces the message that you should always be yourself when walking into an interview.

This should help calm your nerves and help you keep in mind that the interviewers are there to learn about you as an individual and whether you will fit into the fantastic RSM team – so let your personality shine!

Describe RSM in 3 words 

Motivating, welcoming, uplifting.

If you're interested in student or experienced hire roles at RSM, or to find out more about working for us, visit our careers site now. 

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