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Kerri Constable

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Kerri Constable

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Mind the (gender pay) gap

  • July 2017
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The news coverage and debate since the BBC published salary details for those in the corporation earning in excess of £150,000 has been immense and a wake up call to CEOs and HR Directors to ‘mind the gap’ and have significant focus on addressing inequality.

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 introduced on 6 April 2017 requires all employers in England with 250 or more employees to produce an annual snapshot of their employees gender pay and bonus differentials. The legislation focuses on making public for a 3 year period, both the difference between male and female’s mean and median pay and bonus. However only a handful of companies out of the 9000 covered by the legislation have published their results. Qualifying employers should be aware this is a yearly reporting requirement.

As the BBC is paid for by the taxpayer the government has gone a step further and insisted actual salary details were shared. Justine Greening, Equalities Minister said: 'I think it’s impossible not to be shocked just how different some of those differentials were.' She added: 'The gender pay gap reporting is one way that we can really shine a light on the companies that are doing a good job but also the organisations that have got a very, very long way to go.'

Lord Hall said: 'Across the BBC, our provisional figures show that the pay gap is 10% against a national average of over 18%' and he has committed to the BBC closing the gap by 2020 but the now open letter he has received from over 40 high profile female presenters is surely going to require more urgent attention than this.

Overall many have been quick to criticise the BBC over their gender pay gap – but the issue is complex with some factors making it difficult to make direct comparisons to address inequality.

If you have concerns about what reputational damage you might face when your turn comes to report your gender pay gap, our HR team may have some solutions for you.

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