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Do you have confidence in your customs duty position?
Ian Carpenter

19 November 2015

Do you have confidence in your customs duty position?
Recent experiences have highlighted the significant impact on margins that any mistakes in applying customs duty rules can have on businesses – from incorrect valuations on products leading to a deficit of duty being paid, to reliefs for rejected or returned goods not being appropriately claimed.

Servitisation UK Manufacturers are moving up the value chain
Paul Underwood

19 November 2015

Manufacturing companies in the UK are continually looking for innovative ideas to remain competitive in the global market place and to ensure they meet the ever increasing demands of customers.

Manufacturing working capital DNA: opportunities for UK manufacturers
Pelle Langli

19 November 2015

Access to finance is one of the most prominent challenges facing businesses in today’s rapidly changing markets. New regulations, constraints on banks and shrinking liquidity can often mean that traditional routes to finance are no longer an option.

Tax based incentives for innovation
Rebecca Reading

18 November 2015

Do you qualify for research and development (R&D) relief?
Significant changes have been made to the tax based incentives available for innovation in recent years.
It is important to note that eligibility for these incentives extends far beyond activities undertaken at laboratories and science based research centres.

The death of the tax return

17 November 2015

As part of their digital strategy, HMRC is keen to ensure we increasingly interact with the taxman via digital and we’re likely to hear more about this in the Autumn Statement. And make no mistake, last week’s announcement that HMRC is to close a number of local tax offices and replace them with regional centres shows just how serious they are about this issue.

Does the national living wage have an impact on your salary sacrifice arrangements?
Caroline Rai

17 November 2015

The introduction of the national living wage (NLW), effective from April 2016, is a significant change for employers due to the possible additional cost.

Weekly Tax Brief - Autumn Statement Predictions - 17 November 2015

17 November 2015

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we predict what the Chancellor might have in store in next week’s Autumn Statement…

Another 'Budget' , another hat, another rabbit?

17 November 2015

Most people would like a break from the ceaseless flood of tax changes we have seen over recent years but the chance of that happening is slim to non-existent. So what can we expect from this 'Budget' and what kind of rabbit will be pulled out of the hat?

Hurricane Osborne blows in big tax rises for 400,000 employees

17 November 2015

So what has the Chancellor got up his sleeve for employees? Well brace yourself, because a big tax increase which could affect 400,000 workers and add £400 a year to their tax bill could be on the cards…

VAT – a blow for energy-saving projects and a welcome appearance for Draft VADR?

17 November 2015

Despite the pledge by government that there will be no rise in VAT, that doesn’t stop the Chancellor tinkering around the edges.